Building inclusive and sustainable Agriculture value chains

​Creating efficiency by leveraging the aggregate potential of producers.

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At Kamatan, we are building an inclusive agriculture value chain with our focus on empowering the producers. We are solving the core challenges of agri producers: to gain improved access to markets, technology and capital.​


We work with various stakeholders of the agriculture value chain including farmers, FPOs, ​Mills and Agri-Enterprises. We have deployed solutions at each level of the Agri value chain, creating value for all the stake holders involved.

Our Focus Areas

How We Create Value

For FPOs

We are assisting FPOs on five fronts i.e. Procurement and marketing, Processing, sale of inputs, financial services and value added services. 

For Farmers

Apart from creating value through FPOs, we are assisting farmers to increase their overall margins by disseminating relevant information.

For Agri Enterprises

We ensure quality, timeliness, bulk sourcing and traceability. We act as a dependable supply chain partner with strong relationships for our buyers.

For Processors & Millers

We provide them a visibility of demand and access to quality inputs which allow them to reduce their losses and make their operations more efficient.

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