Empowering FPOs

Our goal is to empower FPOs to achieve their goals by connecting them to best solutions for inputs, credit, storage & processing and market linkages. We are assisting FPOs on five fronts i.e. Procurement and marketing, Processing, sale of inputs, financial services and value added services. 

Values we bring

Market Linkages

Connecting FPOs to large buyers so that they can get better price for their products and hence the farmers get higher margin.


Helping FPOs procure inputs at lower cost and extend the savings to farmers


Connecting FPOs to low interest credit sources that allows them to have more financial liberty and extend credit to their members.

Storage & Processing

Enabling FPOs to store the farm produce and process it before selling further to increase the income from the harvest.

Rural Business Hub

An initiative by Kamatan that brings together FPOs and provides them a platform to aggregate their resources and negotiating powers to unlock new opportunities.

We are working with multiple partners to bring the best value to thee FPOs through Rural Business Hub.