Senior Manager (Organic Products-Business Development)


Kamatan is a young agribusiness venture, promoted by a group of experienced professionals with venture capital support, building an inclusive agri supply chain. The core working model of the company leverages the aggregation power of Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) at the farm gate, bypassing traditional marketing channels to service large agri enterprises. The company is working to unlock the immense business opportunity that lies in a deeply integrated partnership with FPOs, giving farmers greater leverage in access to markets, technology and capital. It serves a range of agri enterprises at the market end through sourcing of staples such as cereals, pulses and oilseeds, while helping financial institutions, input and technology companies in tapping markets at the backend. The company has raised two rounds of funds so far.

We are looking to create a  team in various States to support the activities of the company as per job description below:

Location: Hyderabad/Bangalore/New Delhi


Bachelors or Masters in Sciences or Agricultural Sciences or MBA with experience in Organic food production and procurement, organic supply chain, audits and certification and business development.


  1. To coordinate with management and work on market intelligence, market research and market assessment for estimating demand for organic food products.

  2. To create organic food business plans and obtain approvals for sourcing and procurement

  3. To explore sources of procurement including Farmer Producers Organizations (FPOs), Farmers and Bulk suppliers

  4. To identify, work and handhold with FPOs, agencies and farmers in coordination with Zonal coordinators; for their successful organic conversion/certification for reliable and regular sourcing of organic products.

  5. To coordinate with operations team for regular sourcing and maintenance of required stock and inventory for fulfillment of demand.

  6. To work with bulk suppliers, FPOs, individual farmers and other suppliers for timely sourcing of organic products.

  7. To develop a line of demand for individual direct to home supplies in coordination with third party suppliers

  8. To develop business and market linkages with external stakeholders including buyers, retail networks and institutions for enabling sales.

  9. To work with senior management for coordination across the distribution channels for sales of organic products.

  10. Be responsible for the Sales MIS and targets as per business plan

  11. To be the nodal contact for customer complaint redressal and customer relationship management

  12. Any other task assigned by the management relevant to the role.

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