Manager/Senior Manager (Organic Products-Operations)


Kamatan is a young agribusiness venture, promoted by a group of experienced professionals with venture capital support, building an inclusive agri supply chain. The core working model of the company leverages the aggregation power of Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) at the farm gate, bypassing traditional marketing channels to service large agri enterprises. The company is working to unlock the immense business opportunity that lies in a deeply integrated partnership with FPOs, giving farmers greater leverage in access to markets, technology and capital. It serves a range of agri enterprises at the market end through sourcing of staples such as cereals, pulses and oilseeds, while helping financial institutions, input and technology companies in tapping markets at the backend. The company has raised two rounds of funds so far.

We are looking to create a  team in various States to support the activities of the company as per job description below:

Location: Hyderabad/Bangalore/Indore


Bachelors in Engineering or Sciences or Masters in Sciences Food Technology or Agricultural sciences with experience in Organic food production and processing operations, organic supply chain management, logistics and inventory management and processing plant management


  1. To coordinate with the production teams for sourcing bulk supplies to the processing plants

  2. To prepare production and processing plans and inventory management schedules.

  3. To liaise with various stakeholders for administration and management of plant operations

  4. To manage the entire processing plant/tolling plant operations including HR management, compliance responsibilities and manufacturing operations.

  5. To own and manage processing targets and enable supply of ready goods to the distribution channel

  6. To manage and maintain FDA, HACCP, HSE standards and compliances in the processing facility

  7. To manage and maintain the premises, all machinery and materials in excellent working condition and own the responsibility of team of workers in the plant

  8. To manage a roster of working schedule of workers and recruit and engage them as per requirement as per standards

  9. To ensure compliance to quality standards and be responsible for the product quality

  10. To train all the workers and staff in the plant on the quality standards, standard operating protocols and best practices and ensure compliance to working and process standards

  11. To maintain all administrative and compliance records and maintain daily stock and inventory registers and work for safety and security of stock at the plant.

  12. To do preventive maintenance, risk management and immediate issue resolution in coordination with management.

  13. To thrive for achieving efficiency and effectiveness of operations on all fronts

  14. To aid in technical and process audits and certification.

  15. Any other task assigned by management relevant to the role.

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