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A "कार्यशाला" with Farmer Producer Organizations

Kamatan Farm Tech Pvt. Ltd. organized a workshop on 20th February 2021 in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. This workshop was attended by the Board of Directors & management staff of FPOs. Agenda of the event was to spread awareness among the FPO representatives on Business expansion opportunities available with them in agri. value chains.

Agri. value chains if managed efficiently can lead to bigger share in the revenue pie to the FPOs. The event was attended by 27 FPO representatives from 25 FPOs . A session was conducted on understanding commodity value chains, delivered by a subject matter specialist and also a business practitioner. Participants were divided into teams and were assigned few group activities, in which they discussed, analyzed and presented their response to each other.

Kamatan Farm Tech Pvt. Ltd. also made a presentation to the attendees on the preparatory work required to be done by the attendee FPOs before the onset of Rabi arrivals in the market. To gain high returns from the trade of agri. commodities KFTPL advised the FPOs to be prepared with there Procurement Plan in terms of: identifying buyers in advance, managing and arranging for infrastructure to run procurement center efficiently.

KFTPL plans to organize many more such workshops directly with FPOs in other States in the coming few months. Such initiatives encourage FPO participation in agri. value chains and also these initiatives are instrumental in providing a platform to FPOs where cross learning and brainstorming takes place between various types of stakeholders. Such platforms also provide a learning environment not only to FPOs but also to services providers like KFTPL.

For more details on our work, please write to us at mbd@kamatan.in

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