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A step forward...

Kamatan presents samples of High Quality Agri inputs in KRISHIVALUE brand for Chemical

free/certified Organic/ Low residue/ GAP standards based Agriculture to selected farmer Producer Companies in Madhya Pradesh.

We are sampling out bio-fertilizer products to FPCs involved in vegetable cultivation with objective:

# to popularize the product in small & marginal farmers to promote chemical free agriculture

# to improve soil health and thereby increasing its productivity to benefit the farmers in terms on increased returns from agriculture.

Brand KRISHIVALUE bio-fertilizer products are:

1. KRISHIVALUE - Granules: Bio Fertilizer Granules with mix of Micro Algae and Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi

2. KRISHIVALUE - Liquid Foliar Powered by Micro Algae with free living nitrogen fixing bacteria

3. KRISHIVALUE - Liquid soil is a microbial ecosystem consisting of naturally occurring

beneficial microbes (PSB) & Micro Algae

Benefits of these products are:


• Robust Roots

• Enhances Nutrient Availability & Uptake

• Improves Fertilizer Use Efficiency

• High Plant Vigor

• Enhanced Disease resistance

• Excellent quality of fruits

• Higher Yields and increased productivity

• Excellent results across all crops

B) KRISHIVALUE - Liquid Foliar

  • Helps in improving the chlorophyll content of growing plant

  • Helps in Nitrogen fixation

  • Enhances plant growth by providing a complete nutritional package to growing plant

  • Performs across diverse crops in different environmental condition

  • Boosts retention of flowers and fruits

  • Improves quality of the produce

  • Improves marketable yield

C) KRISHIVALUE - Liquid Soil

  • Improves plant growth and development

  • Improves plant and produce quality

  • Improves soil structure and fertility

  • Performs across diverse crop, soil & environmental conditions

  • Improves texture, structure and water holding capacity of Soil.

  • Solubilizes, mobilizes nutrients and makes available to plants in accordance to its nutritional demands for growth, yield increase and quality.

We have just initiated the process of agri input distribution through FPOs. It is another step taken by the company towards profitable farming practice for the small & marginal farmers of India.

To know more about KRISHIVALUE Bio-fertilizer products please contact us at mbd@kamatan.in

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