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Kamatan Farm Tech Pvt. Ltd. (KFPL or Kamatan) is a new age Agtech company with a vision to develop a technology enabled Agri-supply chain. The core competencies of Kamatan to deliver services as the key orchestrator of rural agri-supply chain through development of closely linked and coordinated value chains involving Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs), are aimed at improving productivity, profitability and livelihoods of smallholder farmers of India. With this aim Kamatan is working in an FPO centric model by being a key enabler in the following dimensions:

  • Working capital and credit to FPOs

  • Procurement of agricultural produce from FPOs

  • Supply of agri-inputs from FPOs

  • Development of market linkages and trade fulfilment

  • Managed farm services for development of certified organic farming,

  • Good agricultural practices, chemical and pesticide-free agriculture, contract farming, etc.

  • Technology enablement through development of software tools for FPO operations

  • Dissemination of market information and knowledge to farmers and farming community

  • Capacity building and training services

To know more about the agri. commodities handled by Kamatan, please refer to the pdf document of Kamatan's Commodity Catalogue. To reach out to us please write at mbd@kamatan.in

Kamatan_Commodity Catalogue
Download PDF • 4.62MB

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