Privacy Policy

Kamatan team understands the value of your data and respects your privacy & confidentiality of your data with utmost priority and concern.

This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what information we collect, why we collect it, and how you can delete your information.

What we are building : 

We aim to offer a range of services to our target audience (farmers) and the services include -

A. Weather information

Weather advisory and forecast is extremely critical to farmers to curb the risk of crop damage due to uncertainty in the weather.

B. Agro Advisory

Advisory that will help farmers in adopting best agricultural practices and dealing with any risks due to disease, pests etc.

C. News

News related to agriculture that may be relevant to farmers

D. Market Prices

Market prices of Mandis near you as fetched from

E. Farmer community

A community where farmers can engage with each other and ask questions, exchange products etc.

Information we collect when you sign up on our app

Phone number, Geolocation

You can optionally fill out your profile. The data filled in profile will be shared with the affiliated FPO chosen by you.​

Device level information:

We track your device info to understand if the app is running smoothly on all devices.


We track all activities you do on the app - like articles you read, screens you open etc. to understand the users behaviour on the platform. 

If you are logged in, your activity data is mapped with your user id. If you are not logged in, a unique instance id will be generated for you and all your activity data will be mapped with the same.

Permissions we require from you to offer better services

1. SMS reading access

We will only read you messages from VM-KAMTNF, VM-KMTNFT, VM-KMTNTR (or equivalent) and will not read or store any of your other messages.

2. Geolocation

We need to track your geo-location for weather updates and to show the content on the app relevant to your region

How will your data be used

1. To provide our services

The information provided by you help us deliver our services to you. For example, your geo location data help us provide you weather information

2. To improve the quality of our services

The activities data we track help us understand which part of this app is not very user friendly or if there are any kind of bugs or issues in the app basis which we update or modify our services.

3. To communicate with you

To send occasional SMS in case of a new feature release or other important update. We also send you push notification on the app if their is any new content or activity relevant to you. We may also send you emails in case there is any important update.

Combining Information

Kamatan may combine Your personal and other information across the Platform and Services in order to provide offers, promotions and information that is most relevant to Your interests, likes and/or preferences. Kamatan may also combine information You share with Kamatan on the Platform and with respect to Services with information You have provided to third parties, who have been authorized by You to share the information with us, for providing content, advertising, promotions, and offers, and for improving User experience on the Platform and Services. Kamatan may share Your information with third parties, who have Your information, and who are authorized to combine information.

Who else may have access to your data

We use multiple tools’ SDKs to understand the users behaviour on the app. These tools may have access to your activities and profile data fully or partially, depending on the nature of the tool and their use cases.

These tools include -

Firebase Analytics

Mixpanel Analytics

How we protect your data

Your personal data is stored in our secured servers or that of analytics tools we use. Your data is secured through protected login which can either be accessed using your device or by logging in through your phone number. 

Deleting your data

Deleting Data from Kamatan

For getting your data deleted, you can write an email to Vardan Aggarwal, Data & Product Manager at with ‘Delete my data’ as subject and mentioning your phone number in the email body.

This action may take upto 7 working days to come into effect.

After deleting your profile data -

- All your profile info will be deleted from our system

- Any activity data mapped with your user id will be deleted from our system

- Some of your profile data and activity data are shared with 3rd party analytics tool which may not be deleted even after deleting permanently from our system.

- There will be no option to restore your account after deleting.

- You may choose to sign up again with the same phone number after deleting your account.

you will not be barred from any services offered by Kamatan App but your past data will be lost.

Grievance redressal

If you still have any grievances, you can contact the Grievance officer, Divya Jha at or 9654608668.