Privacy Policy FPO App

Kamatan team understands the value of your data and respects your privacy & confidentiality of your data with utmost priority and concern.

This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what information we collect, why we collect it, and how you can delete your information.

What we are building : 

This app is part of a larger suite of technology products to enable the digital transformation of Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) in India. It is not meant to be used by a general individual and can only be used by individuals registered as a key person with an FPO supported by us. The app will serve as a digital buddy for local store operating person by providing him/her with his/her work summary, inventory movement and tracking, sales creation and record-keeping at his/her finger tips.

Information we collect when you sign up on our app

Phone number, Geolocation

Device level information:

We track your device info to understand if the app is running smoothly on all devices.

Permissions we require from you to offer better services

1. SMS reading access

We will only read you messages from VM-KAMTAN (or equivalent) and will not read or store any of your other messages.

2. Permission to make phone call - To call customers directly from the app. We will only be able to start a call to verified customers.

How will your data be used

1. To log-in
We read SMS sent to you on your registered number to log you in to the app.


2. To improve the quality of our services
The activities data we track help us understand which part of this app is not the most user friendly or if there are any kind of bugs or issues in the app on the basis of which we update or modify our services.

Who else may have access to your data

We use multiple tools’ SDKs to understand the users behaviour on the app. These tools may have access to your activities and profile data fully or partially, depending on the nature of the tool and their use cases.

These tools include -

Firebase Analytics

Mixpanel Analytics

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