Creating Efficiency in Supply Chain

We work with FPOs and Institutional buyers which allows us to procure bulk volumes and rapidly scale our operations. For organised and institutional buyers we ensure quality, timeliness, bulk sourcing and traceability. For FPOs, we provide consistent market linkages to give the farmer more leverage along with financial, marketing and technical inputs. Our sourcing Models and established customer channels enable us for rapid future growth.

Agri-Enterprises and Modern Trade

We create value for our buyers by ensuring quality, timeliness, bulk sourcing and traceability. We act as a dependable supply chain partner with strong relationships for buyer. We provide traceability and farmer connect while delivering sorted and graded produce in a timely manner.

We are able to provide consistency and bulk quantities because of the large network of FPO partners who are able to deliver quality produce and our innovative infrastructure investments that unlock value at source. 

Our Partners


Farmer Producer Organsations

We are creating value for FPOs by providing them access to market & capital and by leveraging technology. We ensure fair price, quality transparency and less wastage to increase margins for FPOs. By integrating producers with large buyers and complete offtake of produce we increase confidence of farmers in the FPOs. Our efficient supply chain reduces any additional cost and scale enables collection of produce at farmgate by the FPOs. Aggregating the bargaining power of multiple FPOs we ensure that the farmer receives a fair price.

Processors and


In certain value chains, processors and millers are an integral link in the supply chain. Having access to both the buyers and producers, Kamatan acts as a perfect partner for processors and millers. We provide them a visibility of demand and access to quality inputs which allow them to reduce their losses and make their operations more efficient. 

Our Value Chains

We are focused on high-volume products with a long shelf-life consumed round the year: Cereals and Pulses. Buyers' demand for bulk quantities for these products allows for rapid scale up of volumes. Building efficient sourcing models and established customer channels prepares us for rapid future growth.