Technology at Kamatan

Technology is at the core of creating an efficient inclusive ecosystem.

We have a systematic approach to technology and we have vision to build an integrated suite of systems which allow creating efficiency in all stages of production, harvest and marketing a farm produce.

Enabling farmers with information

An important part of bringing efficiency to the ecosystem is to bring the efficiency in the production stage. By disseminating information to farmers we are working towards that goal. By providing timely information we enable farmers to use more efficient practices, reduce damage to crops and avail more benefits to increase their overall margins.

Weather Information

Helping farmers plan their activities with weather forecast and weather based advisory for their location and crop.

Crop Advisory

Assisting farmers in getting the best yield out of their crop by providing information related to best practices and assisting them in dealing with any crop damage.

Government Schemes

Allowing farmers to reduce their cost by availing benefits of Government Schemes relevant to them.

Problems we are solving

Advisory based on farmer's crop


Weather forecast and advisory based on farmer location.


Android app that farmers can download and use for free.

Introducing Kamatan Farmer App

Latest updates on Government Schemes.


Digitisation of FPOs

Technology is the key to unlocking value and improving operational efficiency. We are deploying technology with our partner FPOs to assist them in managing their day to day operations and to provide them tools to build better strategies based on real time and historical data.

Connecting with Farmers

A sophisticated system that allows FPOs to connect with their member farmers using technology.

Financing and Accounting

A suite that allows FPOs to better manage their finances and fulfill their accounting responsibilities.

Operations Management

A tool to better control distributed operations of an FPO and hence reduce losses.

Problems we are solving
FPO Digitisation Suite

An integrated system of tools that allows FPOs to autmate most of their workflow.


Notification system to send communication to farmers


A Resource Management tool to manage operations and accounting.

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