Solving the core challenges of agri producers: to gain improved access to markets, technology and capital

We are working with FPOs and other institutional stakeholders in Agri value chain to bring efficiencies at various levels by building a socially inclusive ecosystem by establishing relationships, using technology and innovating new solutions.


Supply Chain Efficiency

We work with FPOs and Institutional buyers which allows us to procure bulk volumes and rapidly scale our operations. We are focused on high-volume products with a long shelf-life consumed round the year: Cereals and Pulses. For organised and institutional buyers we ensure quality, timeliness, bulk sourcing and traceability. For FPOs, we provide consistent market linkages to give the farmer more leverage along with financial, marketing and technical inputs. Our sourcing Models and established customer channels enable us for rapid future growth.


FPO Empowerment

We believe in the promise of FPOs but the reality is that most of FPOs have failed to deliver on that promise. Our goal is to empower FPOs to deliver that promise and hence add value to a farmer's life. We are assisting FPOs on five fronts i.e. Procurement and marketing, Processing, sale of inputs, financial services and value added services. We are doing so by using Kamatan's expertise along with our partners who have expertise in related areas. 

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Technology is at the core of creating an efficient inclusive ecosystem. Our technology endeavours are targeted at all the stakeholders of the Agri ecosystem. We have already disseminated products solving problems faced by FPOs and Farmers and are constantly endeavouring to target more stakeholders and integrate the systems hence built. 

We have a systematic approach to technology and we have vision to build an integrated suite of systems which allow creating efficiency in all stages of production, harvest and marketing of farm produce.